Morning Thoughts

As much as I love film, there are several reasons I do not like going to the cinema: overpriced tickets, uncomfortable seating, annoying patrons, and interminable previews that are much too loud. Yet there is a feeling I get when watching a movie on the big screen. It’s sort of ineffable, but I’ll try to explain. I feel as if I’m in kind of a meta-state of existence and I’m able to see the big picture (no pun intended) of, well, everything. This is especially so when viewing certain types of film. Bond movies, for instance, evoke a sense of lucid enormity, as if I’m floating above everything and suddenly I can think clearly and observe the world in perfect understanding. No, I do not drop acid before seeing a film. But it’s not just that. It’s not only this feeling of expansiveness and¬†clarity; it’s something else as well. There is also this heady feeling of success, or potential success. And by¬†that I mean personal success. Maybe it’s the content of the film –great wealth and the cosmopolitan lifestyle filled with all sorts of risks– that prompts such emotions.

I am overcome with this feeling also when I drive or fly home from a visit with my family. There is this overwhelming sense of potential, of great possibilities. The sad thing is, it fades as the miles pass. By the time I get home, the rush is gone and I generally do not act on the passing inspiration.

Am I coming across, or am I alone in this?

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