Serendipitous Synchronicity

Life can be a bit dull, but it can also be interesting. Occasionally it’s entertaining. It was entertaining today at lunch when something cool happened. I was waiting on my Rustica pizza at Zpizza, and there was a nearby table with a couple of female adults and a toddler. The toddler was annoyed at something or other and would let loose a whine or yell every few seconds, only to be momentarily placated when one of the women shoved a morsel of pizza down his throat. I was not particularly bothered by this, but I did notice his outbursts getting successively louder. A few minutes later, my pizza was ready and I commenced to chowing down. At this point, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing started playing via the establishment’s sound system. We’ve all heard this song a million times. I’ve never been a Journey fan, but the lead singer is admittedly quite gifted. Anyway, he’s belting out the song and this toddler is whining louder and louder at the same time. When Steve Perry hits the high note with “Hiding somewhere in the niiiiiggghhht,” this kid unleashes a piercing whine that is exactly the same pitch and duration of the word “night” in the song. The whole restaurant erupted in laughter and appreciation of this exquisite and fleeting moment of cheerful happenstance. The kid was like “what the….?”

This may qualify as ephemera, but it was a welcome diversion on an otherwise dull and blustery winter’s day. Way to go, kid.

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