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I love maps. The ubiquitous Google Maps and Google Earth are mostly taken for granted these days, but I rememeber a time when only the USGS hosted satellite photos on the web. Back around 2000 when my cousin Adam sent me the coordinates to a certain swimming hole that we liked to frequent on road trips in Texas, I was ecstatic. I would zoom in and relive the moments that took place during the drive to (or from) Lubbock, usually in the heat of midsummer. We’d stop and toss a frisbee around behind these six huge corn dryers, drink some suds, then take a dip in the nearby stock tank. One time, when some dames accompanied us, we had chicken fights in the neck-deep water. Oh what fun that was. Often, after a relaxing swim in the crystalline waters of the stock tank, we would chuck rocks at the corn dryers and thrill at the sound of the stones bouncing down the tops of the (usually) hollow tin cylinders. We were easily entertained. I guess it’s the little things.

Here’s a shot of the spot I’m talking about. It’s just west of Throckmorton on highway 380. The water level in the pond is much lower in this pic than it usually is.


Here’s a shot of Pete and Adam at the corn dryers. This is in 2002:


And here’s my beloved Volvo GL wagon at the same location:


In more recent years, we like to swim in a creek that connects to Possum Kingdom Lake. It’s near a rest area on highway 16 south of Graham:


This is my brother Pete in that very swimming hole:


And my daughter Elizabeth:


And finally, my cousin Adam sporting major wood at the same swimming ground:


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