Big Bend

Once in awhile, I like to look at pictures on my PC and try to relive an event that I consider significant. That’s what pictures are for, I guess.

My brother and my cousin and I went camping in Big Bend National Park in March 2004. It was one of the best times I’ve ever had. Here are a few photos to prove it.

Adam and Pete with the Rio Grande and the country of Mexico in the background:

bigbend2 001

The Rio Grande:

bigbend2 003 

Adam and Pete after a sumptuous meal of Maker’s and Coke. The placard riveted to the table is a warning about the presence of javelina (peccary):

bigbend3 001 

Enjoying some suds:

bigbend3 049

On the highway out of Presidio:

bigbend 062


bigbend3 043

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