Ears to Your Health

It’s the end of July and no blog posts for this month, until now.

Here’s something that I think about from time to time. Whenever I have a few drinks (beer, mixed drinks, wine, whatever), I notice something about music, or more specifically, the way music sounds. It sounds worse, as if the limitations of the audio equipment have become glaringly obvious. This is especially so with my car stereo, which admittedly is not nearly as good as my home system. So, what’s going on?

I believe one of two things is happening. Either 1) the alcohol has heightened my perceptions (at least for audio), and any shortcomings in musical fidelity become clear, or 2) the alcohol has degraded my ability to hear as effectively as when sober.

And now, what this post is really about. I always assume the worst. About everything:  my health,  relationships,  my talents at whatever. Everything. I blithely assumed that all of my audio equipment was inferior, and alcohol made that fact more apparent. I also assumed that others heard music the way I hear it after a few drinks. But what is more likely? Instead of bemoaning the idea of lousy stereo equipment–I spent years and some amount of dollars piecing together a system that anyone but the most ardent audiophile would be proud of–it’s more likely that alcohol impairs my hearing just enough to make music sound kinda crappy. However, this is just a guess. The point is, an alcohol buzz is temporary, and once it wears off, music sounds wonderful again. But if all of my efforts in assembling a sound system are in vain, made clear by the simplicity of a few Maker’s and Cokes, then that would be much worse.

This will require some internet researching, where I can seek out any answer I want.


Can’t you just see how good it sounds?

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