Tennessee-Texas-New Mexico Road Trip 2014

Friday 7/18: Left work at 11:45 am to hit the road to Nashville. Rained off and on starting in Asheville, all the way to Ted and Linda’s. Arrived around 7:30, had a beer, then went to Chili’s and ate/drank at the bar. Food was good. Went back to T&L’s to play DJ for the rest of the night. Got drunk but had a blast.

Saturday: Drove the rest of the trip with a hangover. Got to Pete’s around 5:30. Ate at Casa Cha Cha with P, K, and Ellie. Watched an episode of the Sopranos with P&K.

Sunday: Got up and ate breakfast at Hubbard’s with P, K, and the Macharts, then drove to San Antonio, but not in time for lunch with E&C. Checked out their crib until they arrived around 3PM, then went to tour the Riverwalk downtown with C’s mom and niece who is preggars. Saw “Wish I Was Here” which was kinda sucky. Watched a few choice episodes of Family Guy and Louie with E&C, while grubbing on pizza.

Monday: Met E&C’s friend Carlos, whom we floated on the Guadalupe with after lunch. My iPhone got waterlogged and would not power on, so I put it in a baggie of rice when we got done with the river. Ate some excellent BBQ with Carlos.

Tuesday: Got up early and headed back to big D, via 287. Played cat and mouse with an Audi S4 part of the way. Made good time. Got to Pete’s office around 12:15 and waited for him to go to lunch. Ate at Buzzbrew’s, which was very good. Fretted about my iPhone and tried several things to get it to power on, to no effect. Dreaded having to get a new one; did not think my Applecare would cover water damage. Watched another Sopranos.

Wednesday: Met E at Cafe Brazil for brunch, then we both went to the Apple store to see what could be done about my phone. Crowded, so had to make an appointment for 3PM. Drove E back to get her car. Met with the Apple “genius” who informed me that my Applecare+ would mostly cover the damaged phone, and I only owed $49. Yay! Set up the B&W/Adcom system in P&K’s living room. Later, P came home and made a yummy pasta dish while we jammed to the new sound system and drank B&C’s. Later, P and I started “Cabin in the Woods” but did not finish it.

Thursday: Met E again for brunch, then I went to Erwin Park to ride the MTB trails. Snapped a pic of the spot where I crashed a year ago. Oh, and it was very hot, but had a good ride. Visited with E again at Olive Garden; met the rest of her crew. P made burgers for supper.

Friday: Hit the road to SF around 9:30. Took 287 to Wichita Falls where we ate at El Chico’s. Then got on 70 west and made good time while jamming to fine tunes. Traded driving duties. Missed a turn somewhere in NM, but was not a big deal. Got to M&W’s just after dark. Unbeknownst to all, Koji snagged a pair of gloves from my bike bag and devoured them. We visited awhile then went to bed.

Saturday: Picked Laura up from their place in town, then went MTBing at the La Tierra trails…not bad. Met 3 women who told us about some cool whoops there, so we rode them twice. Hung out with Benita in the railyard district, visiting a few galleries. Later we tried to decide what to do for dinner, then P discovered a glove that Koji barfed up. The mood soured when we could not locate the glove’s mate. We all knew what this meant.

Sunday: Mom really not feeling well. L and I rode the Dale Ball trails off of Hyde Park road. Very nice trail system. W took Koji to the vet to make him puke. It worked, so catastrophe averted. Later, picked up B and drove round SF looking for a parking spot, then gave up. Ate at Tune-Up later with P, K, B, L and Oma.

Monday: Took a run with P in the morning. Ran along the river bed, which was still wet from storms the previous evening. Watched most of “Snowpiercer” with W and P, then picked up the women to take to airport (Oma) and ABQ (Benita). Came home and ate W’s excellent chicken tiki marsala. Watched “Enough Said” with M, W, P, and L. I then watched the remainder of Snowpiercer and sipped B&Cs.

Tuesday: Got up and rode the Winsor trail with Laura. Poor signage made for a less than stellar ride, but quite a workout: tough climbing and fast descents. Finished around 12:30. Mom feeling better and doing her group therapy and blood work. Ate a sandwich. Lazed around the house until we ate at Osteria Italian restaurant near the square in SF. Scrumptious. Watched “Please Give” then crashed.

Wednesday: Took L to the SF airport around 9AM, then came back and started packing up. Ate with M&W at Tree House in DeVargas mall. I had enchiladas, which were really tasty. P and I got on the road at about 1:15 and made good time to Lubbock, despite losing an hour. Got to G&D’s around 7:45, just in time for a supper of Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and brownies afterward. We watched an episode of True Detective, but I fell asleep in the middle of it.

Thursday: Took a 4-mile run with P at about 8:30. Ran past M&W’s former house on Clinton. I wanted to sob. After showering, we went with G to meet Dylan at his new apartment, then to lunch at Garcia’s (awesome), then to look at some artwork for an upcoming group exhibit that D is participating in. I bought one of his pieces. P and I headed back to Dallas via 84/20 and got in before 7PM, then watched an episode of Sopranos.

Friday: Slept in a little, even though P and I had intended to run. Too wet to ride, so I pondered packing up and getting on the road back to NC. Had lunch with Adam at Saigon Block, then got under way at 1:00. Arrived in Nashville at 11:40 and had some wine with T&L and listened to their new audio system

Saturday: Had breakfast at Vitile’s with T&L, then got on the road at about 9:45. Trip seemed loooong. Got home at 7:05. Laura had dinner ready.

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