Wordplay’s the Thing

I love words, and I especially appreciate a good pun. And among all the many types of puns, I like the portmanteau and a good Tom Swifty the best. There are some cool band names out there that are portmanteaux, such as Japandroids, Japancakes, and Foxygen. I’m sure there are many more. Geographical place names seem to be good starting points for such a thing. I’m thinking Oklahomophobes, Mississippeons, Tennesseesection, Alabamullet. I don’t know, maybe I have something against the South.

When I took French in college, a term I seemed to hear a lot was bonne idée, which means good idea.  My instructors must have used it often or something, ’cause it stuck with me early on. So I thought of a pun that used that phrase:

Easter: it’s not just a holiday. C’est une bonne idée!

See what I did there?

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